Should You Buy a Used Furnace?

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Buying a new furnace can seem difficult due to the cost. You may search for cheaper alternatives like buying a used one from a friend or searching the web for refurbished options. While buying a pre-owned furnace can seem like a bargain, it often poses more risks than going with a new model. Here’s what you should keep in mind when trying to save money by buying a used furnace.

Potential Dangers

Furnaces often have a life span between 15 and 25 years. Once they reach a certain age, the parts will lose a substantial amount of efficiency. Used furnaces have often already developed damage and regular wear and tear. If you’re looking for a used gas furnace, you may be at risk of buying a model that’s leaking dangerous combustion gases. Older furnaces often struggle to maintain effective safety features as they age.

The safest option is to buy a new furnace. While a pre-owned appliance may seem like a bargain, it can often present dangers to your family and home.

Cost Vs. Benefits

Consider the benefits to costs ratio of buying a used furnace. An older appliance may already require more repairs and maintenance than a new one. You likely won’t have the luxury of a warranty that will replace the unit if it is prematurely damaged or doesn’t work.

The additional cost of professional services may overcome how much you saved by buying an older model. You can minimize the potential pitfalls of buying a pre-owned furnace by shopping smart and doing adequate research before purchasing.

Finding Sellers

If you’re determined to save money with a used furnace, make sure your seller is reputable. Confirm all the details of the furnace including its age, recent repair and maintenance history and why it’s being sold. Shop as if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. A furnace is an essential appliance in your home. You’re sure to experience serious issues if you buy one casually without properly questioning the seller.

Avoid shopping off used-item websites like Craigslist or general marketplaces. It can be hard to confirm the authenticity of the seller in an open market. You’re more likely to be scammed than find a good deal. You always have the option to check with your local heating and cooling company for any available refurbished models. A used furnace is only worth its discounted price if it is in good condition and has been properly maintained.

Examining the Furnace

To ensure you’re buying a high-quality furnace, examine the appliance before you agree to buy. If possible, ask the seller to see the furnace in action. Make note of any odd sounds and check essential components for rust, corrosion or signs of damage. Ask for any past maintenance logs or reports to get an idea of what service the system already requires.

If you must go with a used option, have one of our professional technicians evaluate the appliance and provide a clean bill of health. Pre-owned furnaces with too many issues are often not worth the future costs. Furthermore, you will need a professional technician for all your installation needs. Industry experts have the skill and experience to correctly install the appliance and minimize any hazards to your home.

Other Money-Saving Options

It can be difficult to find a pre-owned furnace that’s worth the risks. Many disreputable sellers just want to get rid of the old, bulky furnace in their basement. You have many money-saving alternatives when looking for a furnace system. As mentioned before, refurbished options are often available through your local heating and cooling company. This furnace option is often discounted and can come with a warranty. You can find amazing installation deals and maintenance agreements through professional suppliers.

You can also inquire after older models that were released in recent years. While these furnaces are new, they’re also no longer top-of-the-line. They haven’t accrued any wear and tear and will properly heat and protect your home for many years. They’ll also be more affordable than a brand-new model.

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