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Your HVAC unit, like any other system, requires maintenance to function efficiently. When your HVAC unit is working at an optimal level, it will maintain consistently low energy costs, and it will have a longer lifespan fraught with fewer repairs. In winter, as the temperatures fall, your HVAC unit should be checked by a technician to ensure that it is functioning efficiently and without problems. A thorough, professional review of the following areas by a licensed technician will help protect your HVAC unit from needing repairs during winter.


If the thermostat of your HVAC system is functioning efficiently, it will save you money since your unit will be energy efficient. Be sure to check the thermostat’s batteries, and be sure that all of the settings work. If you have any questions about how the unit is functioning on each setting or what each setting does, be sure to ask your technician during your tune-up.

Electrical Components and Controls

Faulty electrical connections with your HVAC system may cause damage to the unit or pose a danger when operating the system. Correct voltage and current are required for your HVAC system to function efficiently and safely. The technician will test all connections and components during the tune-up.

The controls of your HVAC system start it, ensure that it continues to operate, and automatically shut the system down when there is trouble. Malfunctioning system controls can pose a safety risk, so the technician will be sure that all of the controls are functional.

Condensate Drain

When the condensate drain of your HVAC system is blocked, it may lead to water damage, mold, and increased humidity in the house. Mold leads to musty air in the house combined with increased humidity, which can cause low-quality air in your home. You could try to eliminate clogs in your air conditioner condenser drain yourself by mixing bleach with water and pouring it into the HVAC condenser drain. If this doesn’t work, however, you’ll want to bring in a professional.

Heat Exchanger

If the heat exchanger of your HVAC unit is damaged, it could lead to problems with carbon monoxide, posing a serious health risk if it leaks into your home. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous during the winter because people are spending more time at home with the doors and windows closed. The HVAC technician will ensure that the heat exchanger for your HVAC unit is functioning as required so that it won’t need repair during the winter.

Miscellaneous Parts

Your HVAC unit has moving parts, and if they are not adequately lubricated, it may lead to friction in the motor, which means that the system will have to work harder to get those parts to move. This could lead to extra costs, especially during winter when you need your HVAC unit to operate for extended periods.

Flue and Filters

The flue system of your HVAC unit should be attached to the furnace. A technician should check the connection between your flue and the furnace to make sure that there are no leaks, which could tank the system’s efficiency. For efficient airflow indoors, the air filters also have to be cleaned and switched out regularly.

Recommended DIY Tips

In Glenwood, Minnesota, Greeley Plumbing Heating & A/C is your go-to for maintenance checks for your HVAC unit. Our technicians have a keen focus that your home is cozy when the temperatures drop during winter. Here are some of the recommendations provided by our technicians to ensure that your HVAC unit does not need repair during winter.

If your HVAC unit stands outside, it is advisable to clear debris around this area. During fall, remove trees, twigs, long grass, and leaves from around any outdoor components. You’ll also want to be sure that snow is shoveled away from any outdoor components.

During summer, it is advisable to turn off the water supply to the furnace and the humidifier. When temperatures start to drop in late summer or fall, install a new filter in your furnace. Set your humidifier to about 40%, and turn on the water supply.

You can reach out to our experienced technicians at Greeley Plumbing Heating & A/C to get a fall or early winter tune-up or if you notice any issues when you start the furnace for the first time. In addition to offering solutions for your HVAC unit, we offer new installations, upgrades, and replacements of plumbingheating, and AC units. We also specialize in indoor air quality, repair services, and preventive maintenance for clients in Glenwood, Minnesota, and surrounding areas. Contact Greeley Plumbing Heating & A/C today for plumbing, heating, and conditioning services in Glenwood, Minnesota.

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