Drain Troubles That May Require Calling A Pro

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The many different parts of a plumbing system provide a home with a consistent source of hot and cold water and a drain system to send water out. Drains might be little more than connected pipes leading to the sewer system, but they perform critical duties. Sometimes, clogs and other troubles could undermine how a drain works. A do-it-yourself fix might not be the right solution for all problems. Sometimes, you need to call a professional. These are a few reasons it may be time to put down the tools and bring in an expert.

Clogged Drains

Homeowners might think that a clogged drain is a problem that least requires a call to a professional, but that opinion could be way off base. A mere plunger could clear out some clogs, but there could be obstructions in the drain that won’t budge from light suction pressure. Unfortunately, a homeowner could double down on DIY plans and pour dangerous chemical cleaners into the pipes. Those drain cleaners could give off toxic fumes while potentially corroding the pipes. They might not work, either.

Clogs don’t always disappear after a DIY fix, either. While someone might eliminate a clog at first, red flags should rise after the clog returns. The problem might deserve a closer look by a knowledgeable eye. While the DIY work may not eliminate the problem, a professional using the right tools would likely have much better luck.

A plumber could handle a clog using a rooter device that cuts through obstructions deep inside the drain. The debris buildup might be enormous, and a rooter may be the only thing capable of tearing through the blockage.

Slow-Moving Water Down the Drains

Water should flow down the drain quickly, but that does not always happen. Maybe there’s a clog developing in the drain, causing water to exist slowly. The pipes might also narrow due to minerals building up along the walls. Many DIY plans involve natural recipes for clearing out the minerals, but those steps might prove highly ineffective. A plumber might assess the problem as if it were a fully clogged drain and perform a fix.

Leaky Faucets and Drains

When faucets or drains leak, repairing or replacing parts may seem necessary. Purchasing a replacement kit might not take much effort, and all the required elements are right there. Putting things together might be more complex than you realize, though. A similar difficulty might be the case when trying to patch a leaky drainpipe. Liquids that harden into sealants could look effective on TV, but they might prove lacking in real life. Getting stuck over installing the replacement may lead to a stalemate and a sink or shower that you can’t use for a while.

An experienced plumber handles jobs like these routinely. A professional could install the new faucets without much time or effort and could handle the job properly. Glenwood residents may call Greeley Plumbing Heating & A/C for assistance with drain and plumbing services. We handle drain repair, leak detection, sewer work, and other jobs.


Flooding might cause enormous damage, such as water pouring from an overflowing toilet or a pressurized pipe creating havoc. Drains that contribute to floods may have clogs or other problems requiring a fix.

A plumber could figure out why a flood occurred, a process that might uncover more than one issue. The plumber might discover additional plumbing concerns unrelated to the drain or flowing issue.

Additionally, the plumber might offer water damage restoration work. Even if the plumber only provides a referral, the homeowner may avoid further problems, such as mold growth, when the water issue gets addressed.

Removing the Drain

Unexpected damages might happen to pipes and drains, including corrosion and destruction from tree roots. Ironically, corrosion and damage could happen after the homeowner botches a DIY fix, such as exposing the metal to excessive chemical drain cleaning solutions.

No matter the reason why a drainpipe suffers damage, someone has to fix it. Perhaps relining a pipe would work. If not, then removing and replacing the damaged pipe could be unavoidable. Either way, a professional may be best to handle such an extensive job.

At Greeley Plumbing Heating & A/C, we’ve been in business since 2002 and employ NATE-certified technicians. In addition to plumbing work, our team performs heating and cooling repairs, indoor air quality jobs, and sheet metal fabrication. Contact our office to schedule an at-home appointment.

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